Family Portrait of a Mom, Dad, newborn baby and their dog.

Do you have a pet that is like family? Want to include Sophie, Henry or Duke in your next family or newborn session? I love animals and especially love meeting families with special pets.  I can include them in your pictures, on location or in the home, as long as you feel confident they want to be included and don’t mind a stranger pointing a big black camera in their face.  I’m happy to bond, coax and give treats to your pet to get them to cooperate.  I always want to keep in mind their safety and won’t force a pet to participate if they are not feeling it.  When a pet is present during a newborn shoot, I ask that the owners be in control of them, while we ensure the safety of the baby at all times.  It really is fun and I have met some wonderful furry friend in front of the camera.

Our family has a large, 12 year old American Bull Dog and Pointer Mix, named Django.  He is a lover and a lazy lump on a log.  He does Family Photographyhis best model work while sleeping, since making eye contact with the camera makes him a little shy.  But I can get a few good shots in with the motivation of a little treat behind the camera. He will sit or lie eagerly.  He loves our kids and they have always been able to lie on him, snuggle him and basically use him as the best pillow.  He has been a part of our family since before children and I know its important to capture him on “film” because he won’t be with us forever.  In the meantime we make sure to give our old pup lots of love. When booking a session, lets chat about your options and the logistics of getting your loved animal in a few of the frames.

  1. Rebecca Ward says:

    If we lived closer I would love some portraits of labradoodle Sophie while she is so young and bright eyed.

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